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Candlebulb - Viola

Candlebulb - Viola

Candlebulb - ViolaCandlebulb - Viola. Candlebulbs transform your chandelier into a candelier for a romantic glow. Candlebulbs fit most small base chandeliers or sconces. Candlebulbs screw into place just like a bulb. Candlebulb Viola has a 2.5" dia. Candlebulbs are refillable. Check out our candlebulb refills. (Out of Stock).

Candlebulb - Viola
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Candlebulb Refill - ViolaCandlebulb Refill - ViolaCandlebulb Refill - Viola. Candlebulb refills come packaged as a set of twelve. Candlebulbs have a light vanilla fragrance. (Sold out)

Candlebulb Refill - Viola

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