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Gridwork Head Holder

Gridwork Head Holder

Gridwork head holder is made of sturdy metal with a black finish. There is a 1.5” wood dowel on the end of the Styrofoam head holder that slides into the bottom of the head to hold it securely. The gridwork head holder will also work with our vinyl wig/hat holder. Gridwork holder projects 8” from the grid.

NOTE: Styrofoam head is NOT included.

Gridwork Head Holder
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Styrofoam Half Head Wig HolderStyrofoam Half Head Wig HolderThe Styrofoam Half Head Wig Holder is ideal if you have limited display space. You can modify it for use on most our MW hat stands and display racks to help hats, caps or wigs retain their shape. A little ingenuity may be required to do this. Perhaps cutting away a bit of the Styrofoam or using large U shape pins to hold it in place will do the trick. A circular cutout underneath allows it to be mounted to a pegboard or grid display holder. Styrofoam half head is 3.5” high x 8.75”long x 5.75” wide. Circumference is 20”.

NOTE: The display holder is not included.

Styrofoam Half Head Wig Holder