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Vinyl Female Wig Stand

Vinyl Female Wig Stand

This Vinyl Female Wig Stand will add a elegant look to your display. It has a rich flesh tone with beautifully detailed facial features. This female head stand is perfect for displaying wigs, hats, masks or caps. There is a dark brown plastic ring at the base of the neck (not metal as shown in view). In the center of the ring is a hole where a wig stand holder or clamp, can be inserted. You can also use a grid wall holder or a pegboard holder. Female wig head is 10.5 inches high. Head circumference is 21 inches. Neck ring has a 12 inch circumference.

Vinyl Female Wig Stand
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Gridwork Head HolderGridwork Head HolderGridwork head holder is made of sturdy metal with a black finish. There is a 1.5 wood dowel on the end of the Styrofoam head holder that slides into the bottom of the head to hold it securely. The gridwork head holder will also work with our vinyl wig/hat holder. Gridwork holder projects 8 from the grid.

NOTE: Styrofoam head is NOT included.

Gridwork Head Holder